GrandeGLOW Plumping Liquid Highlighter

$34.00 CAD

GrandePOP Plumping Liquid Blush

$34.00 CAD

Plumping Skin Cosmetics

Forgo the facelift & enhance your natural features with our radiant & skin-firming cosmetics. Our lightweight & moisturizing formulas include Vin-upLift®, a natural ingredient that visibly plumps, lifts & hydrates skin for a smooth, cushioned appearance. Our GrandePOP formula delivers a soft wash of color and gives an instant lift & a tightening effect. For a natural glow, our GrandeGLOW highlighter helps to brighten, lighten & illuminate skin tone, while also firming & tightening any lines. Created cruelty-free & never tested on animals, our full range of cosmetics includes transformative products for bigger & bolder brows &  lashes.